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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 36: Days of Thunder, Death Proof, Top 4 Badass Actors

On the thirty-sixth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Sara is off book learnin' and Andrew, Eddie and Mark take the opportunity to let the testosterone run rampant as we review two vehicular quasi-classics. First, we ride shotgun wtih Tom Cruise as he pursues Nicole Kidman and some kind of shiny racing trophy in Tony Scott's Days of Thunder. Then, we partake in the ultra-violence that only a screen pairing of Quentin Tarantino and Kurt Russel can bring as we review Death Proof. Finally, in honor of all the axle grease and generally badassery we reveal out Top 4 bad-ass male leads.

In our spare time Andrew hosts a hastily constructed bit of movie trivia, Mark and Eddie engage in more sexual puns than Bob Saget in an animated penguin film and Eddie reveals his disturbing fascination with the film Whip It.


Movie Trivia - 7:34
Days of Thunder - 18:12
Death Proof - 38:01
Top 4 Badd-Ass Actors - 58:46

Music this week comes from Black Keys drummer led band Drummer. You can find them on myspace at, and you can order their excellent album "Feel Good Together" from amazon.

Introduction - Lottery Dust
Transition 1 - Good Golly
Transition 2 - Diamonds to Shake
Transition 3 - Summer Control
Closing - Mature Fantasy

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