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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 37: Dirty Harry, Double Indemnity, Top 4 Movie Quotations

On the thirty-seventh episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Mark and Sara work sans Eddie to bring you our world-renowned insights regarding Clint Eastwood's peeping tom vehicle Dirty Harry and Billy Wilder's "so stylish it requires all reviewers to use stylish when describing it" Double Indemnity. Also, in honor of Dirty Harry Callahan we list our Top 4 Movie Quotations.

And, despite missing our MC for this week, we soldier on with our movie trivia, hear Andrew's attempt to speak like a bandito, learn of Mark's new Expendable obsession and discover Sara's love for David Bowie's ouevre of cinematic work.


Movie Trivia - 10:46

Dirty Harry - 20:33

Double Indemnity - 51:14

Top 4 Movie Quotations - 1:22:01

Music this week comes from Devin Davis. You can find his website at He hasn't released much recently but from what I've heard a new album is in the works.

Introduction - When I Turn Ninety-Nine

Transition 1 - Giant Spiders

Transition 2 - The Choir Invisible

Transition 3 - When the Angels Lift our Eyelids in the Morning

Closing - Turtle and the Flightless Bird

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Download the episode HERE.

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