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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 35: Donnie Darko, Deliverance, Top 4 Music Moments

On the thirty-fifth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast, Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara enter a strange timehole and end up somewhere in the Ozarks as we review Donnie Darko and Deliverance. And, in honor of the greatest inbred musical moment since Donnie and Marie we reveal our Top 4 Musical Moments on film.

Eddie also waxes poetic about exchanging favors for free movie tickets from male managers and Sara leads us through one of the most cringe-worth (at least in regards to the answers provided) movie trivia sessions yet.


Movie Trivia - 5:55
Donnie Darko - 21:30
Deliverance - 1:00:11
Top 4 Music Moments - 1:28:00

Music this week comes from Defiance, Ohio. They can best be described as what you would get if old school pop rockers Presidents of the United States of America played in Irish pubs each weekend. Find them, and almost all of their albums for free download at

Introduction - Trip and Stumble
Transition 1 - This Year
Transition 2 - Condition 11
Transition 3 - You Are Loved
Closing - Hairpool

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