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Monday, August 23, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 34: Crossfire, Wrapping up the C's

On the thirty-fourth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara have come to that sad time again. Yes, this week we say farewell to the C's and look forward to a brighter day in which we can watch Dangerous Liasons and the Keanu Reeves led Day the Earth Stood Still! For a proper sending off we watch Edward Dmytryck's Crossfire and serve up an abundance of lists - Particularly the 4 worst 'C' films we watched, the 4 best and the 4 'C' films we should have watched. Andrew also serves up a heaping platter of film trivia and Mark discusses the dangers of the sun.


Movie Trivia - 12:07
Crossfire - 27:42
Film Pigeons 4 - 1:03:07

This week's music is from an artist that I'm assuming no one would like. Which is why, of course, it makes sense to use them as bumper music! I'm referring to, of course, Comets on Fire. You can hear them spinning their sludgy, grungy 7 minute long tunes at

Introduction - Jaybird
Transition 1 - Lucifer's Memory
Transition 2 - Holy Teeth
Closing - Sour Smoke

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