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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 24: Casablanca, Children of Men, Top 4 Leading Men

On the twenty-fourth episode of the Film Pigeons Podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara head to (and then desperately try to catch a plane from) Michael Curtiz's 1942 classic Casablanca. Unfortunately for them, the only plane out of town drops them off in the bleak, dystopian future world of Alfonso Curaon's 2006 film Children of Men. Finally, in honor of lead actors Humphrey Bogart and Clive Owen, we name our top 4 leading man performances.

Sara also takes the time to lead us in a rousing round of film trivia, Eddie misinterprets our Film Pigeons 4 topic to hilarious results, Andrew admits to admiring Johnny Depp in one film role and Mark records the lowest trivia score in Film Pigeons history.


Film Trivia - 1:18
Casablanca - 11:18
Children of Men - 39:18
Film Pigeons 4 (leading men) - 1:16:23

Music this week comes from countryish warblers Clem Snide. You can find them on the web at

Introduction - Yip-Jump Music
Transition 1 - I Got High
Transition 2 - Happy Birthday
Transition 3 - Moment in the Sun
Closing - End of Love

As always you can write the show at You can read our infrequent updates on the blog at and we'd really appreciate a vote over at Podcast Alley.

Right click and save as to download Episode 24 Here.

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