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Friday, June 11, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 25: Cold Mountain, Cabaret, Top 4 Worst Oscar Nominees

In the twenty-fifth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara grab their blood-encrusted hacksaws and head back to a simpler time - when dentistry and surgery could be performed in the same business with the same tools - in our review of Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain. They also slap on the go-go boots and demonically foppish grins as they review (and sometimes eviscerate) Bob Fosse's 1972 Nazi themed (according to the DVD blurb) musical Cabaret.

Eddie also takes the time to lead them through a rousing round of Film Pigeons trivia and three out the four Film Pigeons list what they consider the 4 worst multiple Oscar nominees in history. Three out of the four also list their 100-90 choices of the best movies of all time. Eddie, on the other hand, is just...Eddie.


Movie trivia - 1:36
TOP 100 (100-90) - 9:43
Cold Mountain - 20:08
Cabaret - 51:04
Film Pigeons 4 (Worst Oscar Nominees) - 1:29:28

Music this week comes from Swedish rockers Caesars. You can find them on the web at their label's website,

Opening - Turn it Off
Transition 1 - She's Getting High
Transition 2 - Strawberry Weed
Transition 3 - In Orbit
Closing - You Nailed Me

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