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Friday, May 28, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 23: Brokeback Mountain, Top 4 'B' Movies we Should Have Watched

On the twenty-third episode of the Film Pigeons Podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara wrap up the B's in our alphabetical procession through film history by heading for the countrified air and fine "fishing" at the top of Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain. We also provide telling rankings of the 'B' movies we've watched and reveal our Top 4 'B' Film we Should Have Watched.

Along the way we try our hand at some movie trivia (alliterative name coming shortly), learn Mark's new nickname and discover the secret of Sandy Balls mountain.


Trivia - 3:47
Brokeback Mountain - 12:47
Ranking the B's - 55:03
Top 4 B Movies We Should Have Watched - 1:00:03

Music this week comes from Babe the Blue Ox. I'm not really sure where you can find them on the web, but they do have a myspace account.

Introduction - Basketball
Transition 1 - Sheila
Transition 2 - Im Not Listening
Closing - Heartbreak #1

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