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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 09: Aliens, Amadeus, American History X

On this week's episode the mysterious identity of Nurse Betty is finally revealed, Eddie reveals his unparalleled cinema research skills, Mark waxes poetic about stark, black and white prison rape vignettes and Andrew reveals his undying hatred for The Time Traveler's Wife. We also find time to have a short discussion of Aliens, and longer discussions about Amadeus and, a heated tirade filled conversation about American History X. Also, in honor of Milos Forman, Mark and Andrew reveal their Top 5 Underrated Directors while Eddie (in honor of Forman's unheralded role in Rambo 3) reveals his Top 5 Underrated Action Stars.

We also introduce Dr. Alba's five minute film school and do a 30-second screenplay.

Music this week from Devon Williams and his former band Fingers Cut Megamachine! Find his stuff on slumberlandrecords

Intro: Stephanie City
Trans 1: Rough Dreams
Trans 2: A Truce
Trans 3: Orange Barrel
Trans 4: Backseat
Trans 5: Laughs Per Minute
Closing: Release Me

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Film Pigeons Episode 09: Aliens, Amadeus, American History X

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