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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 08: Adventureland, Alien, Top 5 Movies/Actors/Directors out of Left Field

On this week's episode of Film Pigeons we learn of Eddie's startling misconceptions about broadcast news in Europe, indulge in Mark's sensitive side as he spreads out the rose petals, lights up the candles and bust out the bath salts in his take on the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. We also make time to review Greg Mottola's Adventureland and learn of Andrew's intense hatred for Sigourney Weaver as the crew review Ridley Scott's Alien. And, in a miraculous twist Eddie comes to the show prepared and topical (albeit 2 hours late) for our Top 5 movies that came from left field to surprise us.

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Music this week from Jon-Rae Fletcher Weewerk Records

Opening: Nickel and Dime/Waste of Time
Transition 1: Prayer to God
Transition 2: Downtown
Transition 3: Ghostsong
Transition 4: Oh, Maria
Closing: Goodbye

Film Pigeons Episode 08: Adventureland, Alien

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