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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Film Pigeons Episode 124: La Haine, Lethal Weapon

It is the episode of hate for the Film Pigeons as we review two more 'l' films and enjoy some Jason based trivia.  Our films are:

La Haine - The title literally means hate!  Does this French film on societal injustice fill us with that aforementioned hate?

Lethal Weapon - Voted "Hollywood's most hate filled man" three years in a row Mel Gibson had some of his earliest success teaming up with Danny Glover in buddy cop films.  Can his mad judo skills flip this film into our hearts?

La Haine - 24:30
Lethal Weapon - 54:15

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Music this week is from Steel Train

Introduction - Alone on the Sea
Closing - Alone on the Sea

La Haine
Lethal Weapon

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