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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Film Pigeons Episode 123: Lord of War, Leaving Las Vegas, Nicolas Cage

On this episode of the Film Pigeons podcast we celebrate film-making luminary Nicolas Cage by releasing some exaggerated shouts of joy as we review two of his "l" titled films.
-Lord of War - Cage is screamtastic as a bulgy eyed gun smuggler who smuggles guns.  If only we can stop him from smuggling our hearts then the world would be safe!
-Leaving Las Vegas - The nadir of Cage - the film that officially made him a better actor than Robert Mitchum, Orson Welles, Cary Grant and Brad Pitt COMBINED!  The film that makes drinking yourself to death look sexy - all thanks to Nic Cage!
We also offer our monetary evaluation of Cage's career to date.


Lord of War - 39:08
Leaving Las Vegas - 1:11:16
Nicolas Cage - 1:48:35

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Music is from Loch Lomond

Opening - Tiny Steps
Transition 1 - Virgin Mountain
Transition 2 - Your Eyes
Transition 3 - Kicking With Your Feet
Closing - Black Dresses

Lord of War
Leaving Las Vegas

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