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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Film Pigeons Episode 119: A League of their Own, Leon: The Professional

Trying to release some more recent episodes so our reviews are actually current.  We'll try and dip into the archives once a week as well.

On this episode we focus on unparalleled professionalism as we review two more L titled films.  We start things up with the farcical take on women's professional baseball that is A League of their Own.  We follow that up with a review of one of Mark and Jason's favorites Leon: The Professional.  Sprinkle in some film trivia and you have this week's episode.


A League of their Own - 17:24
Leon: The Professional -52:53
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Music this week is from Little Brazil

Introduction - Last Night
Transition 1 - On the Ropes
Transition 2 - Pointing Fingers
Closing - Now


A League of their Own
Leon: The Professional

Download this episode by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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