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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Film Pigeons Episode 118: Last Action Hero, LA Confidential, Kevin Spacey

On this episode of the Film Pigeons podcast we launch into the letter L by reviewing two bona-fide classics.  First up is the Curtis Hanson directed, Oscar nominated, neo-noir landmark L.A. Confidential.  And our second undisputed classic is the Arnold Schwarzenegger meta action vehicle Last Action Hero.  We also monetarily evaluate the acting value of Kevin Spacey


Last Action Hero - 21:21
L.A. Confidential - 36:36
Kevin Spacey - 1:10:41


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Music this week is from The Lone Bellow

Introduction - The One You Should've Let go
Transition 1 - Teach Me to Know
Transition 2 - You Never Need Nobody
Transition 3 - Tree to Grow
Closing - Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold

The Walking Dead
Last Action Hero
L.A. Confidential

Download this episode by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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