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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 106: JFK, Wrapping up the Js, Top 100 (20-11)

This week on the show we finally leave the soulless and bitter letter J in the rearview as we review Oliver Stone's epically long assassination tinged biopic JFK.  We also share some thoughts on Ridley Scott's Prometheus and continue a Film Pigeons tradition by wrapping up the Js and reveal the Top 4 films we watched, the bottom 4 we watched and some we should have watched.  We also continue our Top 100 countdowns by sharing our 20-11 choices. 


JFK - 24:12
Wrapping up the Js - 59:31
Top 100 (20-11) - 1:33:17


Music this week is from Jets Overhead.

Introduction - Sure Sign
Transition 1 - I Should Be Born
Transition 2 - Heading for Nowhere
Transition 3 - Always a First Time
Closing - Tired of the Comfort


Download this episode by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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