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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 105: Jumper, The Jerk, Top 100 (30-21)

This week on the podcast we continue our trek through the cinema of the letter J with reviews of two more films.  First, we travel through time and space in our endless quest to find the greatest moody teenager being angsty film ever with a review of Jumper.  Next we switch gears and review the old-timey Steve Martin comedy The Jerk.  Andrew also finally continued his quest to watch every Best Picture winner by reviewing another Stallone film the 1977 winner Rocky.  Finally, we also continue our Top 100 countdowns by naming our 30-21 choices.


Rocky - 9:03
Jumper - 22:25
The Jerk - 45:15
Top 100 (30-21) - 1:11:11


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Music this week is from Jason Collett

Opening - Feral Republic
Transition 1 - Bitter Beauty
Transition 2 - I'll Bring the Sun
Transition 3 - Rave on Sad Songs
Closing - Lucky Star

Miss Bala
Snow White and the Huntsmen
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The Jerk

Download this week's episode by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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