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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 93: Inception, In America, Top 4 Immigration Films

On this week's episode of the Film Pigeons podcast we delve into Nolinsanity with a review of Christopher Nolan's brain bending blockbuster Inception.  We also celebrate the hotly anticipated release of Jim Sheridan's Dream House by reviewing one of the films from his good period, In America.  Finally, to honor In America, we tap into our innner-Balky and query our internal Mork to list our Top 4 Immigration films. 


In America - 34:56
Inception - 52:30
Top 4 Immigration Films - 1:14:53

Music this week comes from Isolation Years.

Opening - She's So Ready
Transition 1 - Green On White
Transition 2 - New Start
Transition 3 - Hemisphere

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In America
The Grey

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