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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 92: I'm Not Scared, Ikiru, Top 4 Cancer Films

This week on the Film Pigeons podcast we wade through foreign waters as we review the Italian childhood drama I'm Not Scared and Japanese master Akira Kurosawa's cancer filled classic Ikiru.  In keeping with the cancerous theme we also reveal our Top 4 films that, in some way, include cancer (films about the tropic are not allowed). 


I'm Not Scared - 2:00
Ikiru - 23:20
Top 4 Cancer Films - 47:30

Music this week comes from Broken Social Scene.

Introduction - Almost Crimes
Transition 1 - Cause = Time
Transition 2 - Farewell to the Pressure Kids
Closing - Back Out on the...


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I'm Not Scared

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