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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This week Andrew and Jason deliver with reviews of two more H films.  Does Clint Eastwood's latest have the creative spark of his Best Picture winning work or does it feel like it was made by a lifeless corpse?  Can a continually optimistic lead character cure Jason of his curmudgeonly blues?  Find out as we review Eastwood's Hereafter and Mike Leigh's Happy Go-Lucky.  We also reveal our Top 4 Happy films and Andrew continues his quest to watch every Best Picture winner with a review of the 1958 winner Bridge on the River Kwai.

Bridge on the River Kwai -
Hereafter -
Happy Go-Lucky -
1:01:24 Top 4 Happy Films - 1:28:27


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Music this week comes from Hello Saferide

Opening -
My Best Friend
Transition 1 -
San Francisco
Transition 2 -
If I don't Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die
Transition 3 -
I Can't Believe Its Not Love
Closing -
I Thought You Said Summer Was Going to Take the Pain Away

Bridge on the River Kwai
Happy Go-Lucky

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