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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 76: Hotel Rwanda, Harlan County, USA, Top 4 Southern Films

This week one the show Andrew and Jason continue our alphabetical march through cinema history with reviews of two more 'H' films. First on the docket is a review of director Terry George's Hotel Rwanda. Then we switch our social injustice gears a bit and review Barbara Kopple's union/coal mining documentary Harlan County, USA. Andrew also continues his Best Picture march with a review of 1960 winner Ben-Hur. Will Hotel Rwanda give us the good, tinging Cheadles or the "it hurts when I pee" Cheadles? Is Harlan County, USA a documentary cesspool of America hating communist propaganda or, is it good? Find out those answers AND our Top 4 Southern films on this week's show.


Ben-Hur -
Hotel Rwanda - 23:43
Harlan County, USA - 49:41
Top 4 Southern Films - 1:22:01


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Music this week comes from Hell on Wheels

Introduction -
If I Could Hear Your Heart
Transition 1 - The Spell to Stiff Lightning
Transition 2 - What is the Influence
Transition 3 - Nothing is Left
Closing - Halos are Holes in Space

The Beaver
Hotel Rwanda
Harlan County USA
Jake Gyllenhaal
Tobey Maguire

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