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Monday, July 18, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 70: Get Him to the Greek, The Girl on the Bridge, Top 4 Bad Movie Recommendations

This week on the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew and Jason continue their alphabetical cinematic journey with reviews of two more G films.  We begin by joining obese funny man of the moment Jonah Hill as he tries to get snarky British funny man of the moment Russell Brand to the Greek in the appropriately named Nicholas Stoller comedy Get Him to the Greek.  Then we take an epic suicide, carnival and knife throwing themed road/boat trip with a review of Patrice Leconte's French black comedy The Girl on the Bridge.  Our Top 4 topic this week honors Netflix's absurd choice of recommending a black and white foreign film to Jason by commemorating our Top 4 Bad Movie Recommendations.  Andrew also continues his unholy odyssey of watching every Best Picture winner by reviewing 1954 winner From Here to Eternity.

From Here to Eternity -
Get Him to the Greek - 
The Girl on the Bridge -
Top 4 Bad Movie Recommendations -


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Music this week comes from Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles
Opening -
Transition 1 -
Transition 2 -
The Hard Canadian
Transition 3 -
The East Wind
Closing -
The Dance and its Disappearance

Other Links
Get Him to the Greek
The Girl on the Bridge
From Here to Eternity

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