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Friday, May 20, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 63: Cave of Forgotten Dreams, The Godfather, Top 4 Series Starters

This week on the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Jason and Mark take a brief detour from our alphabetic deconstruction of the cinema landscape to go spelunking with everyone's favorite, zany German film director Werner Herzog in the Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3d - featuring perhaps the greatest 3d renderings of stalactites and cave mold ever! We then get back on track with a review of another G film - perhaps the greatest G film - Francis Ford Coppola's Best Picture winner The Godfather. Andrew also contines his mission to watch every Best Picture winner with a review of William Wyler's 1947 winner, The Best Years of our Lives. Finally, in honor of The Godfather we reveal our Top 4 Series Starters.

Music this week comes from The Golden Dogs. You can find them on the internet at


Opening - Bastards
The Best Years of our Lives -
Transition 1 -
Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3d -
Transition 2 -
Elevator Man
The Godfather -
Transition 3 -
Driving in the Rain
Top 4 Series Starters -
Closing -
I Don't Sleep

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