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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 30: Count of Monte Cristo, The Caine Mutiny, Top 4 Water Movies

On episode 30 of the Film Pigeons podcast, Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara hit at least two (maybe even three!) of the seven seas as we give our takes on swashbuckling adventure yarn The Count of Monte Cristo and high seas thriller The Caine Mutiny. Also, in honor of all this sea-faring, we list our top 4 water movies.

Mixed into all of this, of course, is Mark bringing the crazy as he runs us through his masculine movie trivia and Eddie making vague, innuendo filled references to softcore late at night Showtime skin flicks. In other words, this is a pretty typical episode.

Movie Trivia - 4:09
The Count of Monte Cristo - 16:30
The Caine Mutiny - 42:57
Top 4 Water Movies - 25:03

This week's musical interludes come from The Coral Sea. You can find their infrequently updated website at

Introduction - Ancient Modern People
Transition 1 - Look at her Face
Transition 2 - Under the Westway
Transition 3 - In this Moments Time
Closing - Closing

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Right click and save as to download the episode HERE.

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