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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 29: Cinderella Man, Cloverfield, Top 4 Monster Movies

On the twenty-ninth episode of the film pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie and Mark (Sara's out this week) let the testosterone fly as the trade punches in their review of Ron Howard's Cinderella Man, dodge dismembered statue heads in their review of Matt Reeves' Cloverfield and discover what Eddie means when he talks about the one-eyed wonder weasel as we reveal our Top 4 Monster movies.

In our spare time guest Megan orchestrates Mark's most successful run at the movie trivia, Eddie drinks too much sangria and lets his true feelings for Mark be known and bemoans the lack of nudity in Starship Troopers and Andrew begs for a reduction in the influx of Irish Lottery applications in our e-mail inbox.


Movie Trivia - 2:21
Cinderella Man - 18:36
Cloverfield - 41:01
Top 4 Monster Movies - 1:06:40

Music this week comes from Swedish troubadour Christian Kjellvander. You can visit his infrequently updated website at

Opening - The Road
Transition 1 - Poppies and Peonies
Transition 2 - Broken Wheels
Transition 3 - Homeward Rolling Soldier
Closing - Need Not Worry

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