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Monday, February 15, 2016

Film Pigeons Episode 178: Perfect Sense, Parallels

On this episode of the Film Pigeons podcast we continue our trek through the letter P with reviews of two more films.  First, does the soft sci-fi, "Oh my God, we're losing all our senses," Ewan Mcgregor vehicle Perfect Sense make, indeed, perfect sense?  And, does the excellence of failed TV pilot turned full length film Parallels make us imagine an alternate universe where those types of films compete for Oscars?  Can our podcasters somehow pay close enough attention to those two films to win our trivia contest?  Find out in this episode.


Perfect Sense -
Parallels - 48:44


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Music this week is from Cloud Cult

Introduction -
Grapes - I Dunno
Closing - To the Great Unknown

Download this episode HERE.


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