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Monday, June 22, 2015

Film Pigeons Episode 173: Outrage, Out of the Past, Top 4 Guns on the Cover

On this episode we kick off the letter 'O' in our continual quest to alphabetically explore the cinematic landscape.  To get things going we review the noir classic Out of the Past and the Japanese mob movie Outrage. Then, in honor of Jason being easily swayed by heavily armed movie characters, we reveal our Top 4 Guns on the Cover - the top movies that prominently feature guns on their DVD covers.


Outrage - 10:21
Out of the Past - 27:55
Top 4 Guns on the Cover - 51:49


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Music this week is from Wild Yaks

Introduction - Grapes - I Dunno
Closing - Golden Sphere of Light

The Signal
The World's End
Out of the Past

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