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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Film Pigeons Episode 150: The Missing, My Way, Top 4 Irrationally Hated Directors

On this episode we review two more M titled films.  First up is the Korean war drama My Way.  This is followed by a review of Ron Howard's completely factual historical drama The Missing.  Finally, to honor Andrew's irrational disregard of Ron Howard we reveal our Top 4 Irrationally Hated Directors. 


The Missing - 9:58
My Way - 43:59
Top 4 Irrationally Hated Directors - 1:14:05


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Music this week from The Chain Gang of 1974

Opening - Grapes - I Dunno
Closing - Sleepwalking

Thor: The Dark World
The Counsellor
Monsters University

The Missing
My Way

Download this episode HERE.

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