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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Film Pigeons Episode 136: Miller's Crossing, The Man Who Wasn't There, Coen Brothers

On this episode of the Film Pigeons podcast we're feeling the brotherly love (without the Santa assaulting and Kobe producing endemic of the Philadelphia area) as we review two Coen Brothers films.  First up is mob movie Miller's Crossing.  This is followed by black and white, dare I say neo-noir - The Man Who Wasn't There.  We top this off with a Film Pigeons first - a monetary ranking of the Coen Brothers career. 


Miller's Crossing - 17:38
The Man Who Wasn't There - 36:46
The Coen Brothers - 1:02:24


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This show features music from Matthew Good and his band.

Opening - Load Me Up
Closing - Giant

The Wolverine
Red 2
Let Them Wear Towels (This is the 9 for IX episode mentioned)
Miller's Crossing
The Man Who Knew Too Little

Download this episode by saving asHERE.

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