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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 109: The Kids are All Right, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Alec Guinness

This week on the show we continue our trek through the K's with two more film reviews.  First up is a review of the dysfunctional family best picture nominee The Kids are All Right.  Then we get all black, white and English as we review the quintessential dark comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets.  Andrew finally continues his Best Picture march with his review of classic 1978 winner Annie Hall.  Finally we launch a quasi new segment by assigning the virtues of Alec Guinness an acting currency grade.  Will he be a quarter, a fifty cent piece of a Sacagawea dollar?  Find out by tuning in!


Annie Hall - 12:40
The Kids are All Right - 21:55
Kind Hearts and Coronets - 52:44
Alec Guinness - 1:25:12

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Music this week is from Kene Terry and the Bourbon Cowboys

Introduction - Cigarettes
Transition 1 - Interstate
Transition 2 - Long Way to Run
Transition 3 - Heartbreak Town
Closing - This Road

Drive Angry
Annie Hall

The Kids are All Right
Kind Hearts and Coronets

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