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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 100: Junebug, Judgment at Nuremberg, Top 100 (80-71)

This week we celebrate our 100th episode by barely acknowledging the fact that we've recorded 100 episodes.  We do, however, continue our trek through the letter J by reviewing two more J films.  First up is the Amy Adams dysfunctional family drama Junebug.  We follow that up with a review of Stanley Kramer's classic drama film Judgment at Nuremberg.  Andrew also continues his journey to watch every Best Picture winner by watching 1972 winner The French Connection and we continue to numbers 80-71 on our lists of our top 100 films.


The French Connection - 10:39
Junebug - 17:15
Judgment at Nuremberg - 37:56
Top 100 (80 - 71) - 1:04:36

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Music this week is from J Roddy Watson and The Business.

Opening - Full Growing Man
Transition 1 - Don't Break the Needle
Transition 2 - A Brave Man's Death
Transition 3 - I Don't Wanna Hear It
Closing - Full Growing Man

The French Connection
Judgment at Nuremberg

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