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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Film Pigeons Episode 89: The Illusionist, In the Heat of the Night, Top 4 Movie Detectives

On this week's episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Jason and Andrew are getting Sidney with it as we review the Sidney Poitier starring In the Heat of the Night. We also review the mostly silent, ever so artsy French animated film The Illusionist. Finally, to honor the venerable Detective Mr. Tibbs we reveal our Top 4 Detectives on film.


The Illusionist - 2:40
In the Heat of the Night - 25:50
Top 4 Movie Detectives - 54:13

Music this week comes from Ides of Space

Opening - And Finally
Transition 1 - I Promise Not To Notice if you Promise to Pretend
Transition 2 - Keep Writing
Transition 3 - This Side of the Screen
Closing - Random Noise Generator

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The Illusionist

In the Heat of the Night

Download this week's episode by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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