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Monday, November 7, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 83: How the West was Won, Shakespeare adaptation discussion, Top 4 Ensemble Casts

This week's episode of the Film Pigeons podcast is filled with general tomfoolery as Andrew and Jason discuss everything from Tim Tebow to Laurence Olivier's nauseatingly boring Shakespeare adaptations.  We also continue our cinematic journey through the letter H with a review of the three headed directorial cinerama monster known more commonly as How the West was Won.  Also, because of a communication breakdown we fore go our usual second review and instead discuss the finer points of adapting Shakespeare plays to film and what it means to go full Gibson.  Finally, in honor of How the West was Won's star studded cast we reveal our Top 4 Ensemble cast films.


How the West was Won -
Shakespeare discussion - 49:43
Top 4 Ensemble Films - 1:17:34


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Music this week is from Hudson Bell
Opening -
The Falls
Transition 1 -
Sea Horse
Transition 2 -
Strange Lands
Transition 3 -
A Blessing and a Curse
Closing -
Slow Burn
How the West was Won

Download this week's episode by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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