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Monday, October 10, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 81: Hannah and her Sisters, Heavenly Creatures, Top 4 Dysfunctional Family Films

This week on the show Andrew and Jason continue their march through the H's with reviews of two more H titled films.  This week we take a trip down neurosis lane - located somewhere in the South of New Zealand as we review films by Woody Allen and Peter Jackson.  First up is a review of Allen's seminal 1986 dysfunctional family comedy Hannah and her Sisters.  Then we explore the horrid depths of Christchurch, New Zealand infamous with a review of Jackson's Kate Winslet debuting, mind bending, clay orgying Heavenly Creatures.  Andrew also continues his journey through all the Best Picture winners with a review of David Lean's 1963 victor Lawrence of Arabia and we reveal our Top 4 Dysfunctional Family Films. 


Lawrence of Arabia
- 3:36
Hannah and her Sisters - 10:30
Heavenly Creatures - 30:52
Top 4 Dysfunctional Family Films - 1:07:58

Music this week is from Have Gun Will Travel (Kerosene and Candlelight, Land of the Living, Sons and Daughters of the Gilded Age, Salad Days, Asa Dalton)

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Casino Jack
Lawrence of Arabia
Hannah and her Sisters
Heavenly Creatures

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