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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 79: The Hours, The Hit, Top 4 Suicide Movies

This week on the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew and Jason continue our alphabetical march through cinema history with two more 'H' movie reviews.  This week we review The Hours and The Hit.  Andrew also continues his Best Picture marathon with a review of 1961 winner, West Side Story.  Is there no more potently delectable mixture than lesbians, feminism and suicidal depression?  If John Hurt is in every other movie ever made then is at least one of them good?  Is dancing and flamboyant backflipping the answer to America's gang problem?  Find out these answers and our Top 4 Suicidal movies on the Film Pigeons podcast.


West Side Story -
The Hours -
The Hit -
Top 4 Suicide Films -


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Music this week comes from Hallelujah the Hills

Opening -
Allied Lions
Transition 1 - Put the Gurus in Charge
Transition 2 - Variations on the Grand National Championship
Transition 3 - It Carries On
Closing - Flight of the Paper Pilots

West Side Story
The Hours
The Hit

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