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Friday, June 10, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 65: Glengarry Glen Ross, Godfather, Part III, Top 4 Bad Movies by Oscar Winning Directors

This week on the show Andrew and Jason continue our alphabetic journey through film history with two more G films.  First, in our Pacinoed out 65th episode, we review the David Mamet penned fast talking, condo slinging Glengarry Glen Ross.  Then we conclude the Godfather trilogy in inglorious fashion as we review Coppola's The Godfather, Part III.  Andrew also continues his journey through past Best Picture winners with a review of 1950 winner, Hamlet.  Finally, in honor of Coppola's disasterpiece, we reveal our Top 4 Bad Movies by Oscar Winning Directors.
Music this week comes from now defunct The Gloria Record.  You can find lead singer Chris Simpson's newest project here.


Opening -
The Arctic Cat
Hamlet -
Transition 1 -
I Was Born in Omaha
Glengarry Glen Ross -
Transition 2 -
Good Morning, Providence
The Godfather, Part III -
Transition 3 -
Cinema Air
Top 4 Bad Movies by Oscar Winning Directors -

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