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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 60: Grizzly Man, Grand Illusion, Top 4 Old Movies

This week Andrew, Jason and Mark continue our alphabetic journey through the movies with reviews of two 'G' flavored films. First up is the Werner Herzog's documentary symbol of German efficiency and American lunacy Grizzly Man. Then, much to Jason's chagrin, we turn back the clock to 1937 and review the first foreign language Best Picture nominee; Jean Renoir's Grand Illusion. We also reveal our Top 4 Old (i.e. pre-1950) Films and Andrew continues his chronological Best Picture marathon by revisiting Casablanca.

Music this week comes from defunct Memphis rockers The Glass. You can find their musical remnants at their MySpace account.


Introduction - Glacier
Casablanca - 12:26
Transition 1 - Smog Vs. Stars
Grizzly Man - 20:25
Transition 2 - Cannibal
Grand Illusion - 55:48
Transition 3 - Power of the Current
Top 4 Old Films - 1:28:56
Closing - Tell Me It's Snowing

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