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Monday, March 21, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 55: Friends of Eddie Coyle, Fight Club, Top 4 Fight Scenes

On the fifty-sixth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast - the show in which we alphabetically traverse the cinematic landscape - Andrew, Jason and Mark continue their trek through the F's with two new reviews. First, we break out the sagging jowls and ironic peace signs in our review of Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon. Then we spend some time with Britain's bumbling terrorist packets as we review Christopher Morris' dark comedy Four Lions. In addition, to honor Four Lions we reveal our Top 4 controversial movies. Andrew also continues his chronological trek through the best picture winner's with a discussion of the (supposed) all-time classic 1940 winner Gone With the Wind.

Music this week comes from Texas four piece Fishboy. You can find them on the web at


Introduction - Alyson Revere
Gone With the Wind - 9:31
Transition 1 - Parachute
Frost/Nixon - 23:20
Transition 2 - Aaron the Afterthought Astronaut
Four Lions - 51:30
Transition 3 - Alberto Simmons
Top 4 Controversial Movies - 1:13:55
Closing - Ava Aviaria

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Download episode 56 by right clicking and saving as HERE.

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