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Monday, February 28, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 53: Frenzy, Family Plot, Top 4 Directors

On the fifty-third episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Jason, Mark and Sara (mostly) avoid getting distracted by the Oscars ceremony to bring you reviews of two Alfred Hitchcock films. His final two, in fact, Frenzy and Family Plot. In honor of Hitchcock we also reveal our Top 4 Directors and Andrew continues his odyssey through the Best Picture winners with a review of 1937 winner, The Great Ziegfeld.

Music this week comes from Francis International Airport. You can find them on the web at


Introduction - All Your Lives End in Me
The Great Ziegfeld - 8:07
Transition 1 - Feet of Clay
Frenzy - 14:33
Transition 2 - Bug
Family Plot - 35:22
Transition 3 - City of Fog
Top 4 Directors - 1:02:52
Closing - Amnesiacs

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