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Friday, February 4, 2011

Film Pigeons Episode 50: El Dorado, Wrapping up the E's

On the fiftieth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast, Andrew, Mark and Jason conclude their less than memorable trek through the E's with a review of El Dorado, the John Wayne western helmed by Howard Hawks.

Then, we wrap up the E's by listing our Top 4 E Films, Bottom 4 E Films and struggle to list the Top 4 E films we should have watched. Andrew also continues his year by year trek through Best Picture winners in his review of 1931 Best Picture winner Cimarron.

Music this week comes from emoish rockers The Early November (the e's have slim pickings). You can no longer find them on the internet because they don't exist anymore. You can find their frontman with his new project at


Introduction - We're Finding Something Out
Cimarron - 11:32
Transition 1 - Driving South
El Dorado - 20:00
Transition 2 - I Want to Hear You Sad
Wrapping up the E's 49:46
Closing - Is It My Fault

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