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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 32: Cape Fear, Cry-Baby, Top 4 Films that Make us Feel Dirty

On the thirty-second episode of the the Film Pigeons podcast, Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara take a roll in the muck as they review Martin Scorsese's sleazy thriller Cape Fear and John Waters surprisingly un-sleazy Johnny Depp vehicle Cry-Baby. We also let our biases and moral sensibilities fly loose as we reveal the Top 4 films that made us feel dirty after watching them.

Also on this week's episode Andrew moderates the film trivia, Eddie talks about saving the environment, Sara gets philosophical with Cry-Baby and Mark name drops Wayne Brady for the first time since 2002.


Movie Trivia - 3:40
Cape Fear - 17:36
Cry-Baby - 44:50
Top 4 Films that Make us Feel Dirty - 1:08:54

If the music the Film Pigeons produced doesn't satisfy (and I can't see why it would) our music this week comes from earth-friendly, tormented souls Cloud Cult. You can find their music at There you can pre-order their new album and get a digital copy immediately. Sorry for the shameless plugging but I love this band.

Introduction - Running with the Wolves
Transition 1 - Your 8th Birthday
Transition 2 - No One Said it Would Be Easy
Transition 3 - That Man Jumped Out The Window
Closing - When Water Comes to Life

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