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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 28: Control Room, The Candidate, Top 4 Political Movies

This week on the Film Pigeons podcast we see the return of Eddie as he joins Sara, Andrew and Mark in the proverbial smoky back corridors of our political system in their reviews of Jehane Noujaim's Control Room and Michael Ritchie's The Candidate. We also hit the campaign trail hard as we reveal out Top 4 Political Movies.

In between the madness we discuss Joe Pesci (or, as Eddie puts it, Joe Pepsi) in Casino and Andrew proposes a new democratic state that would finally give Eddie a reason to vote. Finally, Mark steps out of the Bed, Bath and Beyond lingerie section long enough to best his own record for futility in Sara's movie trivia.


Movie Trivia - 11:39
Control Room review - 22:17
The Candidate review - 43:52
Top 4 Political Movies - 1:19:29

Music this week comes from defunct emoteers Camden. I honestly have no idea where you can find them on the web but their one album is pretty damn good.

Opening - Not Without Your Blessing
Transition 1 - Mike, Who is Diary?
Transition 2 - The Red Roofs of Talin
Transition 3 - Of Course I'd Try to Save You
Closing - How to Make America Proud

If you have any comments on our reviews, your own Top 4 list or any Top 4 suggetsions you can write us at You can also find our infrequent updates on the web at and you can vote for us at podcast alley.

Right click and save as to download Episode 28 HERE!

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