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Monday, June 21, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 26: Casino Royale, Citizen Kane, Top 4 Franchise Characters

On the twenty-sixth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie and Mark reap the rewards of hours of parkour practice as we review the recent Bond flick Casino Royale and we leave no stone unturned in our search for Rosebud as we review what is generally considered the finest film of all time...Citizen Kane. Finally, in honor of the venerable Bond we discuss our Top 4 Franchise Characters of all time.

Also, Mark tries to break his record setting streak of futility in our movie trivia while Eddie discusses his visit with Mickey Mouse and his "favorite" Disney characters.


Movie trivia - 4:49
Casino Royale - 12:33
Citizen Kane - 34:56
Enlightening Lightning Top 3 w/Eduardo Alba (sexualized Disney characters) - 1:11:00
Film Pigeons 4 (Franchise Characters) - 1:12:22

Music this week comes from Michelle Williams obsessed balladeers The Comas. Find them on the web at

Introduction - Red Shoes
Transition 1 - Come my Sunshine
Transition 2 - Tonight on the WB
Transition 3 - Dirty South
Closing - Last Transmission

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