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Friday, May 7, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 21: Brick, Breakfast Club, Top 4 School Films

On this week's episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara head down memory road to check in on a couple of high school movies. First up is Rian Johnson's 2005 neo-noir high school drama Brick followed by a classic debate over the 1985 John Hughes film The Breakfast Club. To cap it all off the Film Pigeons share their 4 favorite school films.

We also hear Eddie wax poetic about the Vince Vaughn classic Four "Grimaces" and "swatting" babies, learn Mark's secret to getting out of jury duty and discover that at least two of the Film Pigeons worship at the altar of a 1995 child's movie about a princess.

Flights of Fancy - 1:05
Brick - 15:09
The Breakfast Club - 43:32
Top 4 School Movies - 1:15:47

Music this week comes from electro-poppers The Rapture. You can find them on the web at

Intro - Echoes
Transition 1 - Heaven
Transition 2 - Get Myself Into It
Transition 3 - Love is All
Closing - Live in Sunshine

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Episode 21: Brick, Breakfast Club, Top 4 School Films

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