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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 19: 30 Days of Night, Black Hawk Down, Top 4 Field Trip Movies

On the nineteenth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast the originally scheduled review of Blade Runner will not be heard. It had to be taken behind the barn and shot due to unforeseen techincal difficulties (perhaps related to Andrew's inability to completely plug the microphone jack in or Mark's unquenchable desire to imitate Barry White). In its place we reach into the Film Pigeons vault and pull out a never-before-aired review of 30 Days of Night featuring Andrew and Eddie. Thankfully, our review of Black Hawk Down, featuring the whole Film Pigeons crew (Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara) survived along with our Film Pigeons 4 of the Top Field Trip Movies.

Show Contents

Mail Bag - 2:26
30 Days of Night - 10:19
Black Hawk Down - 23:21
Top 4 Field Trip Movies - 51:41

This week's show features music from Texas band Zykos. Find them on the web at

Introduction - Greaseball Wizard
Transition 1 - Above the Map
Transition 2 - Handstand
Transition 3 - Listening Pills
Closing - Calliope

Contact the Film Pigeons at, or on the web at Also, if you have time, vote for us on Podcast Alley Next week we should have better audio quality as we finally purchased a real mic. Stay tuned!

Episode 19: 30 Days of Night, Black Hawk Down, Top 4 Field Trip Films

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