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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 18: Beetlejuice, Black Dynamite, Top 4 Outrageous Characters

Or...Longshot Alba finds his soul

On the eighteenth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara head back to the 80s and say Beetlejuice three times but are disappointed when all that appears is the lead singer from Whitesnake. Thankfully Black Dynamite, armed with a boom mic and a boomerang he threw five minutes ago, comes along to save the day. Also, in honor of Eddie's insanity, we list our Top 4 Outrageous Characters.

We also learn the spine tingling meaning of the phrase brown silk from Eddie, get a history lesson on the infamous Stormin' Mormon from Andrew and learn why Mark will never eat an ice cream sundae again.

Show Contents

Flights of Fancy (An Education, Alice in Wonderland, Driving W/Eddie, Shawn Bradley) - 2:12
Enlightening Lightning Top 3 w/Eduardo Alba - 19:40
Beetlejuice - 21:22
Black Dynamite - 40:35
Film Pigeons 4 (Outrageous Characters) - 1:07:04

Music this week comes from Matt Pond PA. You can find them and their new album The Dark Leaves on the web at

Opening - Last Light
Transition 1 - Devil in the Water
Transition 2 - Closest (Look Out)
Transition 3 - Sunlight
Closing - Remains

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Episode 18: Beetlejuice, Black Dynamite, Top 4 Outrageous Characters

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