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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 16: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Top 5 Sequel Pairs

On this week's baroquely romantic sixteenth episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Andrew, Eddie, Mark and Sara take side trips to Vienna and Paris to review two Richard Linklater films, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Also, in a sequel to a previous Top 5 list that may or may not exist, we provide you, the listener, with our Top 5 Sequel Pairs.

Eddie also stays awake long enough to share his handy guide to finding Film Pigeons on the web, Sara is wowed by Hilary Swank's tour-de-force performance in Amelia, Andrew shares his confusion about the connection between table dancing and bullfights and Mark idly sits, bemused.

This week's episode features music from the Scottish pop group 1990s. Find them on the interweb at their site
Intro - You're Supposed to be my Friend
Transition 1 - You Made me Like It
Transition 2 - Risque Pictures
Transition 3 - Balthazar
Closing - Arcade Precinct

Show Contents

Amelia - 12:28
Enlightening Lightning Top 3 w/Eduardo Alba - 18:06
Before Sunrise - 22:42
Before Sunset - 49:49
Eddie's Handy Guide to the Internet - 1:19:10
Top 5 Sequel Pairs - 1:23:19

Write the film pigeons at, visit us on the blog at and give us a vote on Podcast Alley. Eddie will be eternally grateful.

Episode 16: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Top 5 Sequel Pairs

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