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Friday, March 26, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 15: The Dark Knight, The Big Lebowski, Top 5 WTF Endings

On this week's classy and classic episode of the Film Pigeons podcast Eddie strikes another blow in the ongoing battle between motor vehicles and bicyclists, Mark recalls a fonder time when redheads could go to the mall without being harassed and Andrew is befuddled by the lukewarm reaction to The Big Lebowski.  We also introduce the newest Film Pigeon, Sara, to the lion's den, that makes up our weekly ramblings.

We also strap on some wings, buy a carton of half and half and confuse the hell out of Eddie as we review The Dark Knight and The Big Lebowski and reveal our Top 5 WTF Endings. 

Music this week comes from former Raconteur and long-time soloist (not Jaime Foxx) Brendan Benson.  You can find him on the web at his website.

Introduction - Tiny Spark 
Transition 1 - Eventually 
Transition 2 - A Whole Lot Better 
Transition 3 - Bird's Eye View 
Closing - Alternative to Love

Show Contents - 

Up in the Air - 19:51 
Enlightening Top 3 w/Eduardo Alba - 30:52 
The Dark Knight - 36:16 
The Big Lebowski - 1:03:14 
Top 5 WTF Endings - 1:26:31 

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Film Pigeons Episode 15 (The Dark Knight, The Big Lebowski)

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