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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 13

On this week's episode we have advanced college level discussions of Eddie's traumatizing mishap while illustrating truck rims as a 9 year old and Andrew's handy home dentistry tips. Mark, on the other hand, pulls a Cusack by participating in this week's show despite fighting through debilitating coughing fits as his chain-smoking inspired quest to sound like Barry White continues.

We also find time to be incredibly lenient on a Michael Bay film (Bad Boys) and slightly divided on past Oscar nominee Babel. Finally, after living with a family of longshoremen in a New York city taxi cab, Mark is prepared to lead us through a rousing Top 5 of the most vulgar %$&#!ing movies ever!

Show contents:

Enlightening Lightning top 3 w/Eduardo Alba: 13:28
Bad Boys Review: 16:08
Babel Review: 30:45
Brief Oscar Talk: 54:34
Top 5 Vulgar Movies: 1:01:40
Eddie's Random Truck Rim Story: 1:07:56

Music this week comes from the deceased band Carissa's Wierd. You can hear some of the members in Band of Horses.

Opening: Die
Transition 1: A Loose Hair Falls Into a Glass of Water Without Ice
Transition 2: All Apologies and Smiles Ugly Valentine
Transition 3: They'll Only Miss You When You Leave
Closing: Blessed Arms That Hold Us Tight, Freezing Cold and Alone

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Film Pigeons Episode 13: Bad Boys, Babel

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