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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Film Pigeons Episode 10: Anvil, Apocalypto, Top 5 Hollywood Jerks You Can Forgive

In this week's episode Andrew does some soul-searching in regards to his opinion on American History X, Eddie has deep thoughts on good racism and forgives a double murder, while Mark recalls being blackballed like Mel Gibson. We also take some time to review Anvil and Apocalypto and reveal our Top 5 Hollywood Jerks That We Can Forgive.

Music this week comes from Karl Larsson. Find him at Bad Taste Records

Opening - Devil's Strings
Transition 1 - Found Half, Lost All
Transition 2 - Lion's Escape
Transition 3 - Do You Know My Name?
Ending - Is It Cold In Here

Film Pigeons Episode 10: Anvil, Apocalypto

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